W.S.H.P Lock out board

C516-HP – Water Source Heat Pump and Heat – Pump Lock-out controller.

The C516 Heat pump controller is a 24 volt controller that controls the compressor contactor and has safety inputs for High Pressure, Low Pressure, Condensate and Low Temperature. It can be used to replace an obsolete CCM controller used by ClimateMaster and other manufactures. Wiring diagrams on how to install this in old ClimateMaster units are show below as a PDF and can be down loaded
Three relays controls the compressor, RV and Fault indication.
Anti-Short Cycle protection and 5 inputs for monitoring fault sensors.
5 Diagnostics LED’s.
(HPS, LPS, FR, Condensation and Under / Over voltage).
Intelligent reset logic.
Test mode.
Cassis mount.
Operate on 24 VAC.

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