CMC – C512

W.S.H.P Controller ClimateMaster CMC Controller

Climate Master original board

Replacement Control Boards for old ClimateMaster Heat Pumps.
Water Source Heat Pump controller.
CMC Replacement Controllers PN. 69626512 and 69626300

ClimateMaster used these controllers in their heat pumps from 1993 to 1998. The product shown is the latest version of this controller with a more robust power supply and microprocessor. This board is a 45 minute change out. ClimateMaster only sells a replacement kit that takes 3-4 hours if you get it right. The control board is brand new not rebuilt or refurbished and has 1 year unconditional parts warranty. The part number of this board is 69626512A and replaces these ClimateMaster kits. Download original ClimateMaster IOM located below.

Solid State lockout Circuit with Fault indication (HPS, LPS, LTS, Condensation and Under / Over voltage).
USD, CSD and ESD inputs.
Three relays controls the: Compressor, Fan and RV.
5 Minutes Anti-Short Cycle protection and 5 inputs for monitoring fault sensors.
Random start.
4 Diagnostics LED’s.
Intelligent reset logic.
Test mode.
Communication with the ET thermostat.
Cassis mount.
Operate on 24 VAC.

Download PDF     Installation, Operating & Maintenance Instructions